Banco Central


Available: Q3 2021 | 800 m²
Flexible terms.
What's included
Workplace strategy
Interior &
branding design


Operations & aftercare
About this Space

We don't know about you, but we like working at this place. We are convinced that spaces beside walls, floors and basements, they have secrets. And this one, it brings them...

Between these levels and passageways lies the story of thousands of people bringing their most precious treasures and savings. You are working on what was, since 1902, the Banesto Bank which in 2013 merges with Santander and, although it disappears, leaves its mark. The old surveillance camera. There, at the entrance and on the left, you'll see it. And the stockvault... in it, you'll have your meeting room. 


It's a great place, isn't it? We are passionate about working in what used to be a bank, aren't you?

  • 800 m²,

  • 110 workstations,

  • 3 floors,

  • 1 board meeting,

  • 2 meeting rooms,

  • 3 call rooms,

  • 1 fully equipped kitchen,

  • 1 recreation area,

  • 1 workshop / open space.

hybrid office

Luminous space

Open and flexible spaces:  800 m²

VRV air conditioning

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B24, H10, N7, 39, 47, H8, N6 and N1.


L4 and L5.

Bicing parking: 

C/ Girona, 142 - 50 m.

C / Girona,176 - 250 m.

C/ Bruc, 130 - 150 m.

C/ Bailén, 100 - 200 m.

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