Available: Q3 2021 | 1.855 m²
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About this space

This space consists of a building of 1.855  located in the area of Poblenou, 22@.


Did you know that this district is known for being the “town of transformation”? In just a few years it has grown enormously giving Barcelona a new aesthetic. The abandoned factories collide with the new architecture styles. The union between the old and the new gives it a unique characteristic, making it one of the coolest and most snobbish in Barcelona.


Do you want to keep digital talent? Without a doubt, this is your place! At a strategic spot, this office is located in an industrial-style building, distributed on an open floor with big windows and a terrace that fills the place with natural light. Without a doubt, this is full of magic. We can describe it but you have to see it for yourself, interact with it and feel its pleasant atmosphere in person.

  • 1.855 m²

  • Natural light 

  • 1 terrace

  • 5 floors

  • Up to 213 workstations

  • Nearby to the sea

  • In the heart of the 22@

space - Marina

Luminous space

Flexible - Marina

Open and flexible spaces: 1.855 m²

Flexible Space - Marina

VRV air conditioning


Explore the neighborhood
Bus a Marina


6, 136, 192, B20, B25, V25, N8, N6, N11 and H14

Metro a Marina


L4 (Llacuna & Poblenou)

Bici a Marina

Bicing parking: 

C/ Pujades, 103 y 173

C/ Roc boronat, 134

Av. Litoral, 84 

C/ Bolívia, 76 

C/ Sancho de Ávila, 60-64  y 104

C/ Espronceda, 12

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