La Fábrica


Delivered: Aug 2020 | 780 m²
Flexible terms.
What's included
flexible office space
Workplace strategy
flexible office
Interior &
branding design


flexible work space
Operations & aftercare
About this space

When I met the Roger de Flor space, it was inhabited by a tie factory and I called it:" digital transformation does not use a tie "and if we look at history it makes sense, because of a class symbol, such as a tie, to a tool that democratizes knowledge and matches how technology is difficult to place together.

The tie began as a class symbol, evolution of a handkerchief with a knot towards the middle of the body used by the Croatian soldiers, discovered by a French designer, in a transformation process that installs the tie in 1650 as we know it but As a class symbol. Oops!

  • 780 m²

  • 128 workstations

  • 2 floors

  • 1 board meeting

  • 2 meeting rooms

  • 5 call rooms

  • 1 fully equipped terraces

  • 1 fully equipped kitchen

  • 1 recreation area

  • 1 workshop / open space

trabajo híbrido
flexible work space

Terraces on each floor

flexible office

Open and flexible spaces: 780 m²

hybrid office

VRV air conditioning

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