We seek to buy and / or rent spaces of 400 m2 and more for a single company. Not a coworking
Hi, do you own
a property?
Sell your space

Sell your space in just 15 days. Receive a fair offer in 24 hours.

Rent your space

Obtain a minimum of 5% annual return on your property for 15 years.

Why P²?

Diversify your portfolio.

Transform your asset to the new demand.

Our customer base grows exponentially, increasing the demand for our product and reducing risks.

We create spaces for a single company. You just relax and let us do our job

We invest and think in the long term.

Our works and reforms increase the value of the asset considerably with zero investment from the owner.

How does psquared work?
We transform real estate assets into workspaces in 3 simple steps


Market pricing

In 24 hours

Complete the form about your space and include any information that seems relevant to for us


Project evaluation

In only 3 hours in a day, we carry out the technical verification of capacity, works and plant projection to offer you a fair market offer for your property.


Buy / rent

Once our offer is accepted by you, we will sign the deed or rental agreement and you will receive the payment immediately.

Success stories in less than a year
Sagrada Familia
La Fabrica
His property
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