Poblenou Office

About the office

Did you know that this district is known for being the “town of transformation”? In just a few years it has grown enormously giving Barcelona a new aesthetic. The abandoned factories cllide with the new architecture styles. The union between the old and the new gives it a unique characteristic, making it one of the coolest and most snobbish in Barcelona.

Do you want to keep digital talent? Without a doubt, this is your place! At a strategic spot, this office is located in an industrial-style building, distributed on an open floor with big windows and a terrace that fills the place with natural light. Without a doubt, this is full of magic. We can describe it but you have to see it for yourself, interact with it and feel its pleasant atmosphere in person.

Ciutat de Granada 68, 08005 Barcelona, Spain
How to get?


6, 136, 192, B20, B25, V25, N8, N6 and N11


L4 (Llacuna & Poblenou)

Bicing parking: 

C/ Roc boronat, 134

C/ Bolívia, 76,

C/ Sancho de ávila, 104

C/ Pujades, 103 y 173

Characteristics of the office

  • 1.600 m²

  • 1 terrace

  • 2 floors

  • Up to 200 workstations

  • Nearby to the sea

  • In the heart of the 22@

Your place x Your People = Your Rules

  • Interior design especially custom made for your team

  • Open and flexible spaces

  • Luminous space

  • Turnkey Contract

  • Whole building just for you

What's included
Workplace strategy

Luminous space

Operations & aftercare

Open and flexible spaces: 1.600 m²

Interior & branding design

VRV air conditioning


1.600 m² renovated 


Access Floor - Hub 


5 entire floors for you entire team


300m2 Rooftop Terrace


1.600 m² renovated 


Access Floor - Hub 


5 entire floors for you entire team


300m2 Rooftop Terrace

Office for Smilegate 

We have seen that Smilegate places emphasis on inspiring communication and sharing, with the goal of a clear understanding, and based on this, it continues innovating  to generate results. We propose a greater number of open spaces that allow the team to socialize and interact in an open and flexible space. Spaces that further promote team communication.




Collaboration Space 

This space promotes team communication fostering creativity to collaborate and initiate new ideas

Healthy Room

How important is it to take a few minutes to reconnect with yourself? It helps to be able to work at ease again after moments of frustration or disconnection. Recharge through meditation, stretching or yoga.

Inspiration Room

This space acts as a place that supports not only tranquillity and privacy but also cooperation and clarity to create new ideas

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