La Productora


Available: Oct 2020 | 1.050 m²
Flexible terms.
What's included
espacio flexible
Workplace strategy
modalidad mixta
Interior & branding design
trabajo híbrido
Operations & aftercare
About this space

I had dreamed since childhood when I saw my grandmother sew. And in the production company, I managed to strain my stitches for the movies. I stayed late with the excuse of finishing something... well, nobody should know my secret... every night stitch after stitch, I had the pleasure of finishing the garments that Sira cooked in each take of an "A time between seams." Yes, the work of María Dueñas who expressed glamour in the purest style of the 40s.

Today we leave this space and with it my secret that will die on these walls, which become workspaces for the new technological generations. Surely new secret seams that will not need needle and thread.

  • 1.050 m²

  • 130 workstations

  • 2 floors

  • 2 board meeting

  • 4 meeting rooms

  • 3 call rooms

  • 2 fully equipped terraces

  • 1 fully equipped kitchen

  • 1 recreation area

  • 1 workshop / open space

oficina flexible

Luminous space

espacio flexible

Open and flexible spaces: 1.050 m²

oficina flexible

VRV air conditioning

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